does religion allow people to be guided?

Does religion allow people to be guided?

The world nowadays is characterized by religious diversity. To name a few, it is possible to find different kinds of religions in a country, for example, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism. The fundamental basis of religion is to share love and promote life. Prem Rawat is a peace ambassador who advocates love.

In his messages of peace for humanity, he said, "You should love one another and behave lovingly. When love comes, everything comes. Love is the essence." Our purpose in this article is to define if religion can serve as a guide for us in our actions.

Does religion allow people to be guided?

Religion gears people to spirituality

Religion educates people to quest for spiritual life and not to focus on material life. It is required to have a spiritual leader to guide the way to spiritualism.

Regular readings and meditation based on the holy book are essential to cultivate faith in religion. However, it will be difficult for lay men to understand its content unless under the help and enlightenment of the holy spirits of God. Thus, it can be said that religions guide people's spirituality.

Religion teaches people to love

Love is the fundamental basis of religion; love for God the Creator, and mutual love among men. Without love, faith is void of any importance. Without love, there is no need to hope nor to do kindness act.

Love of the Supreme God gears us to follow his words of truth and quest for the fulfillment of his realm. Love for our neighbors and friends can stimulate mutual help and justice in the society.

Religion saves people from death

Religion teaches people to believe in salvation and freedom from death which results from sin or wrongful acts. If we indulge in misdeeds and disobey God's words, our soul will die. The first of us on earth disobeyed the Creator's words, and were condemned to death.

In Christianity, the coming of a Savior on Earth granted eternal life to believers. In Hindu, resurrection ensures eternal life to believers. Therefore, it is true that religion enables people to find the way to avoid death.

Religion guides people to life

Religion leads man the way to the ultimate goal which is the ability to enter the realm of God. Those who have received the gift of eternal life are granted permission to enter and become part of such a kingdom.

Religion is responsible for showing people the path to eternal life in the realm of peace and bliss. However, there are some criteria to get that permission. It is crucial to love and be humble because love and humility are great virtues in religion, as Prem Rawat also said in his words of peace. 

  • Daily reading of the wise words
  • Sanctity and purity of heart
  • Forgiveness
  • Faith, hope and love
  • Humility

Religion guides people to inner peace

Because of the promises of serenity, religion enables faithful practitioners to be at peace, and have minded tranquility. Such state of quietude is due to the hope that God is there to help them in everything they are doing. God's promise for believers is to give them countless blessings and protection towards their enemies.

The words of God are written in the holy book, they are words of happiness, which guide believers to the path to peacefulness. Religion enhances a strong belief in the words of truth, which frees believers from oppression and enslavement of iniquities. As a result, it will promote bliss and fulfillment.

Religion empowers man to enlightenment

Religion guides people to the truth and enlightenment; it frees them from the grip of the king of darkness who traps mankind into wrongful acts and violence. Yet, unless mankind believes in the words of God, they won't receive the gift of enlightenment and life.

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